The Cause

School reform law in the United States currently centers on the use of standardized test results to reward or punish schools, students, and teachers. Aptly labeled “high-stakes testing,” failing scores on state tests are used to deny diplomas to high school seniors, place students in remedial classes, label and sanction schools and districts, and dismiss teachers and other school staff.

The Community

Many parents, educators, and researchers share evidence and concern that the use of high-stakes testing leads to race and class discrimination and privatization of public schools. Large numbers of citizens find support within a nationwide community of internet activists-- a community built on the cause of educaitonal justice, working to reverse the policy and practice of high-stakes testing in public schools. Welcome to The Resistance.

Internet Colleagues Meet in Birmingham to Conference and Provide Support
"When we were sued for $1 million by Paul Vallas and Richard M. Daley and they took away my teaching job in February 1999, many people in Chicago (except for my closest friends, actually) were afraid. Chicago's tyranny is now well known, but back then the attack on me and Substance came as something of a surprise, since the brutal reign of the testocracy was just beginning. The support we received (both moral support and financial support) from people from the National Resistance like Juanita Doyon, Rich Gibson, Monty Neill, Jerry Bracey, and Susan Ohanian (and too many more to name) not only helped keep our morale up, but provided us with a way to learn more about the context in which we were now working. Inspiring, it was." --George Schmidt